Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sept 5, 2016

So I'm here in Geovani Gronchi! I have never worked in an area quite like this one. The ward consists of two neighborhoods- one is with apartment buildings and nice houses and the other is in a "comunidade". We mostly work in the humble part because the other part is just referrals. But the people there are super receptive and nice. There is a challenge there with the word of wisdom and that it is very rare to find someone legally married so maybe we´ll marry some people!
The chapel is very pretty and huge! It is our ward there and the ward of Vila Andrade which includes Pariosoplis which is the area right next to ours. It is the area of the elders and is the biggest favela in Brasil. There is even a novela about it. 
I´m really determined to work more with the members to strengthen the ward. I think all of the ideas I´ve seen and done on my mission can really help the ward here. 
My new companion is Sister Avelino. 
Tomorrow we will go to the temple! Yay! It is great being in a temple mission! I´m in the same zone where I started my mission. 
I´m so grateful for my mission. I can´t believe it is winding down, I feel like I have such little time to accomplish what I want to. I know we will see many miracles here. 
I know that this is Christ´s church and this gospel is perfect.
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