Saturday, November 19, 2016

May 9, 2016

Weekly Update:
This week was awesome. We taught Joice who has been coming to church with a friend. We had talked to her about baptism and she was like hhmmm not right now. So we came back another day to teach her more. When we were there her mom was getting her nails done by a friend and the friend had a ton of questions for us and so we just conversed and the friend was like, "I think this church is true" after a bunch of questions and we were like ya. It was perfect because by time the nails were finished and the friend left it was really natural to talk about baptism with Joice and her mom Leda. We prayed and thought about a date and when we invited her to be baptized she was like ya! And the date was the day of her b day which we didn´t know before she turns 15- it was a special way to show that the Lord answers prayers and is really present in His work. We talked to the mom and she also allowed.
A less active is coming back to the church and so we are working with her husband and her son who turned 9 today! We marked her son for baptism too and the husband is really good too so we´ll see :)
We´re also teaching an investigator who is really great, Dí. She was a little unsure about baptism too, had already planned on it but it didn´t work out, but we´ve had some really spiritual lessons with her and she also wants to be baptized and accepted a day. She said in one of the lessons how she´s a little afraid because she didn´t want to make the decision and afterwards know these things and make mistakes. I shared about my beautiful mom how before this was also a concern for her but in the end she took the decision to be baptized and I explained how grateful I am for her decision and her courage. It was a great lesson.
There are so many miracles happening I love this area.
 This Saturday the ward also had a baptism of Victor who is a super cute 8 yr old and is great friends with our investigator Geovani who is 12 . Geovani took the bus by himself to go to the baptism. He is really great too. 
The Elders had a baptism this Sunday that was so so beautiful. A family returned to the church who is very humble. The two oldest boys had been baptized but the younger brother of 13 and the sister of 12 hadn´t yet. The boy doesn´t have arms or legs. The oldest brother baptized them and at the end of both, they gave a hug that was really beautiful.  It was a great moment. 
AND I skyped with the most beautiful family on the Earth 
AND AND AND MY BRO NATHANAEL GOT ENGAGED. CONGRATULATIONS NATHANAEL AND TEHANI. I´m way excited and happy you guys are super cute yayyay :)
I´m so grateful -  really missions bless families!
Áte próximo,

Sister Haggard 

Some pics of the area

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