Sunday, November 20, 2016

June 20, 2016

This week passed by so fast and I´m tired but faz parte. This week we really worked hard and worked on finding new people to teach. The Lord really blessed us and we found lots of people with potential. 3 weeks ago I talked with two women on the street a mom and daughter, Rosa and Maria. This week we taught them about the Plan of Salvation and Sunday they came to church so we were pretty excited about that. The people in this area are very receptive, which is good, but it also means that many of them don´t have a desire to come to church, change their lives, or get to know Christ more, so it´s a question of finding and discerning who is prepared and who needs more time. 
This week we had a division with the sister trainers of Ferreria which was fun. Sister Harris who is from Oakbrook, IL came and stayed with me in the area. This area is also great because all of the youth in the ward like to come teach with us and everyone is supportive.
I miss Sister Bezerra, it was an awesome transfer and we worked very similarly. But it is also very good with Sister C. Silva. We are very very different, but we have a goal to be friends and to work hard and to have success this transfer, so it´s going very well. We don´t need to be the same as others, but what´s important is that we love each other. If we love each other differences don´t matter. 
Today we went to 25 de Março which is that big street in the center and things are cheap. I wanted to go to Brás where they sell clothes for really cheap but it´s the last 2 weeks of the pres so he doesn´t want people to leave the mission limits for these last two weeks, we´ll see if the new pres will let us go. It is difficult getting to get to know a lot in the city because there´s simply not much time as a missionary, but I´m very happy I´m a missionary. 
I´m very excited for this Saturday because this Saturday our ward has festa Junina which is like fall fest. It´s been a year since my last so I´m pretty pumped!

Sister Haggard