Sunday, November 20, 2016

July 25, 2016

Weekly Update:
So we got more news as to what happened this transfer. It looks like Sister C. Silva and I were the only things that didn´t change in the mission! Before I was like whatever the new president wants can change. We already have a bunch of rules, but now I see all of the patterns that Del Guerso had, and Pres Thomas is mixing things up. I agree with a lot of the changes but some of them nope. But faz parte. I think after a few bumps the mission will grow a lot.
We had an awesome family home evening with the president of the elders quorum with a recent convert youth- Daniel and a few of his friends. Wellington is a teacher at the MTC here and he is really great- he really helps us out. 
I talked with the Pres Thomas about coming to our fireside this next month that we´re putting on so I´m excited for that - hope we don´t bomb it. 
Right now our group of investigators is interesting because we have a couple people that are frequenting and living the commandments, they are just missing something. I love teaching people like this because when they feel the Spirit everything works out. But sometimes the problem is a little complicated so that makes things interesting too. 
This week was a little cold.
The new Elder in the ward is Elder Galdino- we were in the same zone in Perdizes so its fun to reminisce about the downtown-always amazes me just how difficult it is to serve there but how much I love it there and how much I learned about life there. We really learn though our struggles.  If the Lord took away all of our challenges, in the end we would never grow or be truly happy:)
We got a reference from a member of her brother whose young son had been released from jail. She said he would need the gospel now to deal with the son. So we came to the house to talk to the dad and it was funny because he was like, come on in this boy needs the word of God, sit down lets call the others because this young man needs to get his life with God. So in the end the dad didn´t stay to hear our message but we talked with the three kids who are super great. We´re excited to get to know them more and help them get baptized. 
I GOT A LETTER FROM GRACE so that as nice. 
Basically that´s it we´re teaching a lot cortando os moles- see who has a desire to change and who doesn´t. 
Also Kelly was confirmed as a member and received the Holy Ghost :))))))))
Also I´m now the mission medic and it is a lot more stuff than I thought it would be, but it is nice helping out the sisters in the mish when they´re sick and translating for Sister Thomas too- I feel like I´m contributing. The Thomas´s are super appreciative for the little help. 
That´s about it 
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Sister Haggard 
A sister in the ward made me hot sauce - very poderoso!
Another sister in the ward went to The Bras (out of our mission) for me to buy me soccer shirts

pizza to kick off second transfer