Monday, November 21, 2016

Oct 17, 2016

Weekly Update:
This week lots happened. Sister Cannon arrived :))))) It´s a sleepover every night yay. It’s fun we´re always on the same page. This week was the mission counsel. I don´t make part of the counsel anymore, but I was asked to giving a training for them. For lunch the Pres ordered a ton of pizza mmmm de graça. 
This week we had our Master Chef ward activity! We were happy and we brought a couple investigators. At church lots of our investigators came to church so that was exciting. Sister Cannon and I assisted in the gospel principles class. 
There was a ward leadership council about missionary work so I hope some things will start to change in the ward.
We lost an hour for day light savings. It is getting real hot here. 
We are teaching Rafael who is a senhor who is good friends with a brother in the ward and he´s come to church twice and is really liking it. He works night shifts and after a night of working he came to church! We found two really good investigators this week and they also both came to church and liked it.
We are teaching someone who is currently in a homosexual relationship which I've never really dealt with until now. But they really want to change their life and said that the party life ect. já deu. They asked if we could teach the significant other about the law of chastity too :) The Lord is really preparing His children. Sometimes we might not even have a will to do something but if we have just a small desire the Lord will work with us to develop the will to change. 
Lumarilza needs to get married. We just need to pick out a date to go there with her husband. Marriage is always complicated aye aye aye
That´s about it. 
Oh also got my flight info que louco 
até mais

Sister Haggard 
Master Chef Activity

My current planejamento trunk Sister Covey made for me
my current planejamento
fruit from the farmers' market