Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016 the field is white already to harvest...

Weekly Update:
Yesterday little Thiago recieved the Holy Ghost. Last Monday, Sister Garcia and I had lunch with Miriam from Maria Rosa! We took a pic but I didn´t bring my camera with me so next week. She will get sealed in the temple with Jussario soon and we´re expecting invites :) After we picked up Arthur from school too.
This week we started teaching a less active named Lucas with his friend Hudson. They´re in their 20s but they´re boyish and Hudson is really good. He has a good desire to learn about the gospel. Our investigator Luis will get married this week and we will baptize him this Sunday or next Saturday :) We will help Aline his fiance make the sweets! She is a member, just was less active for a time. They have a really cute baby boy Hector. Luis has been investigating the church for many years, but wasn´t married so he couldn’t be baptized. The legal marriage here sometimes is really complicated and demora always. Luis has known tons of missionaries. Something very special about mission work is that you can´t know the effects of the work- it does not have an end. The testimony Luis has was made because of all the missionaries that helped him for the future. I think about being a missionary and I´m really just here to give people opportunities and invites to know our Heavenly Father and have a relationship with Him.
Our investigator Gladies who was a forever investigator accepted this Sunday to be baptized so we´re really praying for her to stick with it. She has everything and is ready.  She just has to commit. She has known the church also for forever.
It rains and pours some times and then it´s really hot. Sister Garcia turned 7 months in the mission.

Sister Haggard

Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 7, 2016

Weekly Update:
This week flew by! The time flies by on the mission!  I have 9 months here in Brazil which I can´t believe. We celebrated with pizza (Brazilian pizza is SO GOOD). This week was really good too because we had our multi zone conference. I saw the gang of Perdizes again. I really liked that area.  I miss it! The center is cool. 
But multi zona was really great. It was the last one for the presidente del guerso, although we´ll probably have a conference in May. He leaves in June. I love seeing all the people in the mission. Não tem como to not make strong friendships on a mission. 
We´re working a bunch and teaching a bunch. 
I renewed my visa this week with sister Covey and it was weird because 9 months ago we were there in the policia federal -the time really does fly! I loove Sister Covey so much.  She was called to be sister trainadora this transfer. 
I can´t believe I only have 9 more months. I have so much to learn and do still. I think thus far I´ve learned so much more patience with people and with myself and really how to start being happy. The Lord has the gospel and a path for each one of us, we just really need to listen to the Lord and act! 
Sister Haggard 


9 Meses!

February 29, 2016

Weekly update:
I´m doing well here. It was pretty quick for little Thiago. We marked him to be baptized the next Sunday and everything worked out! His sisters are members, recent converts. We are going to try to teach the mom more although she´s not legally married like so many people here so we´ll see about baptism in the future. Thiago is so cute and was so excited to get baptized we made pics for him when we taught him the lessons to help him remember. 
This week we sang at a thing called The Mark of Peace- like a group of people making a little monument about peace around the world? Not sure, but we sang for these people this week. There’s another American in our Zone, Sister Bido, who is in the same group as Sister Cannon and she´s cool. We also had treinamento das Sisteres which was sweet. I love seeing everyone in the mish.
This week we will have Multi Zona so I will see half the mission again! 
Today Sister Garcia went to get her eyes checked for glasses and we had an activity with our zone.
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Sister Haggard

Thiago's baptism

February 22, 2016

Weekly Update:
Wow a lot happened this week! So we had an emergency transfer. In truth I think the Pres forgot about our two groups because it was weird when Sister Lockhart didn´t get a new companion and Sister Garcia finished the training of an American Sister but they stayed together- normally after two together, especially trainer and trainee someone gets sent to a new area. 
Em fim I got transferred to resolve the problem so I left Perdizes :( I was excited to stay there a third, especially with Wagner and Carol. But I learned so much there and I´m grateful that I passed there. It was interesting because I learned two things in the beginning of the transfer that I probably wouldn´t have learned had I been transferred normally.
But I got transferred to Intercap which is a neighborhood of Taboão. It is the opposite side of the highway of Maria Rosa. I was very apprehensive to return to Taboão because my last transfer there was not real great, but it is a good area. Sister Garcia is my companion. She is very nice.  We lived together in Maria Rosa! The day after we had our mini transfer they had already planned a split with the sister trainers so I went to Ferreira for two days which was cool chique! 
An investigator of 8 yrs finally resolved his marriage- it´s super complicated here legally ugh- so he is getting married with his wife at the end of the month and the following week we will baptize him. Also we visited Thiago who is 9 and isn´t baptized yet, but his sisters are. His mom signed the baptism paper and so we marked Thiago to be baptized this Sunday and we will be teaching his mom as well, Juliana who is very nice. She works a lot so the elders who baptized the sister didn´t teach the mom and Thiago was not old enough to be baptized at the time. 
More stuff happened but I ran out of time! 

Sister Haggard

We woke her up to say bye :)

February 15, 2016

Weekly Update:
This Sunday Duque the recent convert, gave such an amazing talk about missionary work, we want him to be our ward missionary lider so we´ll see. We started our English class Saturday and it was really good! 
This week we made a contact with a man who was entering his gate. His name is Wagner. We talked for about a half hour and invited him to come to church. The next day or two days later we saw him again and talked with him again for about a half hour.  He is very smart and um poco loco. We talked about the Restoration, the plan of salvation, and the Gospel and we gave him the little pamphlets to read. We invited him to our English class Saturday too. He came to the church just to see the chapel and said he read all the pamphlets and he really liked it. He left afterwards but he asked where are the 12 plates, in English because he likes to switch languages sometimes when he´s talking and so we gave him a Book of Mormon. He returned for church the next day and was very excited. He said his questions that he had are being answered. We´re excited for him and it just reminds me that the Gospel is for EVERYBODY it´s so simple children can learn and love it, but it´s so profound you can study it forever and it will answer your questions.