Monday, November 21, 2016

Oct 10, 2016

This week passed by so fast I don´t even know what happened hahahah. But it was a good week. We organized our ward activity Master Chef! It will be Saturday so I´m excited about it. We received our transfer call Sister Avelino went to Perdizes and Sister Cannon will be my last companion!!!! She´s been praying and asking for a whole transfer and it happened! So I´m glad I already love my last companion :) 
This is my last transfer. I can´t even believe that it is. So weird the time has passed so so fast. I always write to my recent converts and as I was writing to give to the areas at the transfer I felt so grateful for my mission. For the opportunity to serve the Lord, to meet such great people. I didn´t baptize thousands or anything, but I feel so grateful for the changes I made in myself and the opportunity I had/have to share the gospel and watch the Lord change others through it. 
I want to work very hard this last transfer and give it my all. I asked the President how can I aproveitar ( i forgot that word in English) my last transfer to the most and he said In swimming they would say leave it all in the pool, When you leave the pool say I have nothing left to give,I gave it all. You will feel so good when you say to Him, I gave it my all. 

So that is what I´m going to do :)
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