Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sept 12, 2016

Weekly Update
Today we went to the eye doctor because my companion needs glasses and I got a check up and my degree is the same :)
So after we went to 25 de Março to buy glasses for the comp, and I bought some other stuff too. I love the downtown.
This week went by real quick. At our district meeting a table fell on Sister Hall´s foot, but it just got bruised not broken it swelled up bad. The next day we went to the temple which was very nice. It´s always great going to the temple. 
This week we have our training for sisters and it will be at the President’s apartment! Que chique! I´m excited. We are teaching a young man and he is really good and liked the Church but he was frequenting another church so we will keep teaching about prayers and seeking orientations from the Spirit. When someone feels the Spirit they have a conversion, the Spirit is the most important thing. We are teaching another investigator Jessica who has a baby of 5 months and she came to church and brought her sister too :) Sunday morning is always a bit of a surprise. 
 Working with the ward here is interesting because it consists of two completely different neighborhoods so it is difficult working with the two neighborhoods. But I think my mission has prepared me to help the ward. We are starting to work a lot more with the members and we are already planning a Master Chef for a ward activity where we hope to really involve everybody. I always forget to bring my camera Sunday to take a pic of the chapel. It is very pretty maybe next time I´ll remember. 
I´m not home sick or thinking about home so much. I’m really working hard and I will till the end when i morro! 
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Sister  Haggard