Sunday, November 20, 2016

July 4, 2016

Weekly Update
Wow the more time I have on the mission the faster the time flies! I have said this a million times I think haha. President Thomas chegou! I still haven´t met him. We´ll meet him this week so I´m excited. It must be super stressful to be a mission pres relearning the language!
This week was pretty awesome. We brought a member with us to teach with Kelly and her mom- the investigator with 9 years and the member really helped because she gave her testimony of how when she got baptized her son was also little, I think 8 or 9 but he helped her in taking the decision to get baptized and she said how grateful she was for the gospel. We talked about eternal families and i think tudo vai dar certo! Vamos ver! 
I was talking to people on the street making contacts and I talked to a woman and marked an appointment with her. She lives in the "fancy" for Macedonia, apartments so we didn´t know if she would let us in at the portaria. We went there Saturday night, taught with a member, and Jaqueline said she would come to church and she came and brought her husband and her little boy too! And they are legally married!!! This is unusual and great for us!!!!! 
We are working with a couple who wants to get married too, so we´ll see how it goes! 
hhmm que mais. We´re teaching a mom and son and it´s great because they live in our apartment buildings and are a referral from a member who lives in the apartments too, so it´s easy teaching them. The son came to church :)
HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY. I had forgotten haha it´s a normal day here. I remember 1 year ago having a festa in the mtc haha. I think that´s about it
Até mais!

Sister Haggard