Sunday, November 20, 2016

August 29, 2016

Weekly Update:
This week we had several miracles. Ednalva came to church again and is really liking it and will the baptized the 10th. We taught her the Word of Wisdom and she was already stopping to drink coffee because of some health stuff! The Lord is preparing as pessoas :) 
We also taught Bruna, also the Word of Wisdom. It was a very spiritual lesson. The Lord really loves us so much that he not only wants our spiritual salvation but also physical too. At the end Bruna asked us if you could get baptized with a ponytail. We´re like ya. And I asked her how she was feeling about the Book of Mormon and our messages and she said she got an answer and asked when she could be baptized! We said we had thought about the 24th and she said why so long and so she marked herself for the 17th :) We passed by another day and Ryan also said he´d be baptized on the 17th as well. Lots of work and prayers and fasting and we see miracles! I love this family so so much! It was such a great miracle because there has been challenges for them and we had told them we would stop passing by after they said they didn´t have an interest at the moment to be baptized but we felt the need to return and our LD also told us to return and continue teaching so that´s what we did and they marked themselves to get baptized. 
So we got our call for this transfer and I was transferred to Geovani Gronchi which is in the same zone I started my mission. It is a good area, almost certainly it will be my last. It´s sad I won´t be here to baptize Ednalva or the Meninos as I call them (maybe I´ll ask the pres to stop by to see the baptism) but I feel good about all the hard work I did here in Macedônia. I know the Lord is prepairing people in my next area too. I love the people and the members here. In 3 months I´ll come back to visit and we´ll have a festa. 
Other updates Sister C. Silva will train a newbie and the elders that we share the area with were both transferred and two new elders will arrive Tuesday here. I was released as Sister Training Lider but I´m still the health person. 
The area of Geovani Gronchi is good.  It has a cominidade or favela in more of a frank term but also a super rich part.
It is weird leaving Macedônia. Today I will go around saying bye to everybody. I think that´s about it. Have a good week

Sister Haggard