Sunday, November 20, 2016

May 30, 2016

Weekly Update:
This week passed by very quick! 
We had our Multi Zona-the last one of President Del Guerso :( And after our reunião we all went to the temple. It was a great experience because the Spirit was really strong going into the temple from the multi zona so it was a great experience and the temple is beautiful at night. Afterwards I went straight to a split in Ferreira/Morumbi with Sister Oldroyd. It is very very fancy there and it was a good day. Elder dos Santos went to New York because his visa came in so we had a goodbye festa for him and sister Bezerra who ends her mission in 1 week. 
Today we had a goodbye festa for the Pres and Sister Del Guerso. They have 4 more weeks, with President Thomas coming in 2, but it will be his last group of missionaries he sends home this transfer so we had the goodbye today. I will really miss them, they are so good. We took pics, sung our mission song, ate, played a question game with the Pres, and we skyped Presidente Thomas and Sister Thomas! They seem really great.
Dinuan was confirmed this Sunday. This week we´ve been really trying to find new people to teach and I´ve been really wanting a family. The whole week we weren´t finding new people, but Saturday we found a bunch and a family. We asked this family what they were looking for and the wife said the Holy Ghost and the dad said baptism. They aren´t married and the dad works during church hours but the mom brought her two little boys to church. They had a hard time keeping still, so I hope that didn´t make the experience bad for the mom, but 
we´ll see.

I´m so happy for the experiences I’m having and for the people I’m meeting. I feel like I have made such good friends here. This transfer only has 1 more week- it has flown by! 

trunky papers - when I go home


Goodbye for the Del Guersos

goodbye Elder dos Santos, Sister Bezerra and Iverson dos Santos (puppy) 

Box of birthday chocolates