Sunday, November 20, 2016

August 1, 2016

Weekly Update:
This week passed by a little slow in comparison with the rest. So the President called me and he called me as Sister Training Lider so now I get health calls sometimes, take care of my area, and take care of three duplas of sisters :) I served in two of the three areas so I hope I can help them out. This week we will have the mission counsel, interviews and maybe a split so it will be busy. 
We are teaching a spouse of a member and she came to church and said she would be baptized but didn´t accept a date and will travel in a couple of weeks. 
We are teaching an awesome family and they came to church, but the step mom who is of another church invited a leader of this church to the house and he talked bad about the Church of Jesus Christ, so they´re a little confused and didn´t accept a date to be baptized too. But I know what we teach is true because we never try to convince people- we always invite others to pray to God so God can give them the answers they need. God knows us perfectly so he can give us answers to our questions when we ask Him with real intent. I really don´t do much - it´s all up to the investigator, the Holy Ghost, and God! I have been really thinking about the power of prayer. When we ask with faith, the Lord will respond. 
We had lots of investigators at church. 
I´m very excited Nathanael will get married this week. QUE DA HORA. I´m so grateful for my mission. I know my family and I are being very blessed. 
Dinuan is doing great and preparing for a mission and her boyfriend who before was "mole" now has decided to go on a mission too! 
The mission is winding down. This week I make 1 year and two months on the mission and I can´t believe it. I don´t want the mission to end because all that I´ve learned here. I´m going to really make good use of this time that I have.
Have a great week

Sister Haggard 

Sister N Santos' family sent me a crochei of Nephi 3:7

moedas das olimpiadas
so falta um!