Sunday, September 4, 2016

April 25, 2016

Weekly Update
Soooo I was transferred. And Sister Rodrigues too. The pres closed the area so there´s only 1 dulpa in Intercap. I really wanted to stay because of our investigators. Maurício came to church again. We had a district meeting and we had a practice about asking questions. And the greeny Elder Babcock who has difficulties speaking Portuguese (who doesn´t!) asked one of those basic questions everybody asks in the CTM and beginning.- If God was here right now and you could ask Him anything, what would it be? And it is such an awesome question that I use much more now and it really helps us and the investigators. I liked this because if we´re humble we can learn from all people, whether they´re young or old or have a lot of experience or a little. 
Isadora another investigator wasn´t able to come to church because her dad wanted her to make lunch for him @_@, but next Sunday she will come and probably will get baptized too :) 
With Aline we talked with her about her baptism marked the interview, but we didn´t find her at home Thursday, Friday and Saturday because there was a holiday- Tira dente (there was a dentist a long time ago that died trying to make Brazil independent). Aline didn´t come to church and at church, the neighbor of Aline who is a member said that she went to the Catholic church that morning and baptized Victoria. So that had never happened in my mission before. Not sure what happened but obviously there was a lack of communication or something happened so that was a weird experience of the week. 
Larissa is another investigator who is really interested but is working with her mom to let her come to church. 
So I really wanted to stay here and I didn´t want to learn another area, but the Lord knows what´s best. I got transferred to Macedonia with Sister Bezerra. Sister Bezerrra was also a sister trainadora and I will kill her (it is her last transfer before she returns home :)
I leaned a lot this transfer. My companion and I had difficulties as vezes but I really dug deep and learned more humility and patience. I also learned more about love. Really we can´t change others, but we can love them. When we love them they feel our love and everything is better. Really we can´t change others but it is a fact love can! Yay for love! 
And already I get to skype my family again for mother´s day! I only get 2 skypes on the mission because with the timing of things I´ll be home for Christmas. Festa bebê. 
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April 18, 2016

Weekly update:
This week passed by really fast. We only have one more week in this transfer. This week we had interviews with the President. I will miss him.  Pres Del Guerso is very kind. We get a new Pres this July. 
Aline didn´t come to church this Sunday because one of her daughters got sick, but we will see if she will be baptized this Sunday. 
This week we were teaching Larissa a young woman and I was thinking it would be great to teacher with a member, Amanda, who had very recently moved into the ward. When we were teaching Larissa at the end she asked us if we knew an Amanda! Turns out she had studied with Amanda and knew her for many years. The timing when we found Larissa and when Amanda moved into our ward was really a blessing. It shows me the Lord is present in this missionary work :)
Mauricio traveled to Rio so we hope he will return soon.
Yesterday Brazil was impeaching their president because no one likes her and they say she's corrupt, so yesterday everyone was watching on the tv like a big soccer game, but I don´t know what´s going on in the world much :) 
This transfer has passed by so fast. Sister Cannon is training in Maria Rosa, my first area so that´s cool. In a week I´ll let you know if I will stay in Intercap or not!

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My first soccer jersey

April 11. 2016

This week was really good. I had a great B day. God gave me na amazing gift because the day before and the morning of my b day we had a division so I was with Sister Covey!  love her so much. It is crazy to think back all those months ago when we were in the CTM juntos! Sister Covey has so much Christ like love for every single person, I was taken aback really she is so wonderful. I realized I need to love even more! The morning of my birthday Covey, t Silva e c. Silva bought me a strawberry creme cake and cut me out a card things. Sister Covey took pics but lost her camera a few days after. After I opened up my box my Family had sent with some much needed shoes and candy i got to share with everybody. Sister D. Sousa also gave me a card and had printed out a Picture of us that I took the day we baptized Maria :) It was so sweet she also gave me a necklace that I use every day now that says amor on one side and a heart on the other. Sister Covey made an envelope and inside on little strips of paper she wrote me all the reasons why she loves me :)))) The day was tranquilo and at the very end of the night we went to Pastor and his Family and they threw me a little party and we ate cake :)
This Sunday our investigator Aline came to church with her baby girls and she liked it. She is really great at the end of the month we hope she will get baptized :)
I love the mission because we can only receive personal revelation is we search and if we put ourselves in the right place, spiritually speaking. And there´s no better place than the mission to do this. The mission is so so hard but I think it´s so interesting all the things I´ve learned about my self and how I can improve. God really shows me what I´m faulting, and gives me love and hope and the "how" I can change and become better- generally with the Atonement but also in specific ways how and what to do through the Holy Ghost.

Sister Haggard

Sister Rodrigues
North Dakota map in my package!
Birthday Girl!
General Conference
The Zone at the Temple

April 5, 2016

HI! Things are going well. We are teaching a woman who has two babies, Aline. The little girls are very cute. One of them uses a tube in her throat to help her breath. Aline is very nice and really has a desire to learn about the church. 
This week was very special because of General Conference. Such a special experience. It really testified to me that this is God´s church and his servants and the Prophet Thomas Monson are inspired of Him. I really liked Uchtdorf´s talk how God can help us and even reconstruct us to achieve our potential through the atonement of Christ. This conference was absolutely amazing, I loved every minute of it. 
That we have apostles and a prophet today shows us the immense love that God has for us, that even today we are his children and he will guide us. 
Today we went to the temple as a zone but also many missionaries from São Paulo Norte mission were there so the session was full so we did other service in the temple. What a spiritual and calm place :)
I know that Christ lives and that he knows us so he can help us in any challenge or difficulty we face. 

In one month I will skype the fam again! The time really does fly by. 

March 28, 2016

Hello! This week passed by really fast. We had our transfer so now my companion is Sister Rodrigues. She has 1year and 2 months in the mission and was released as sister trainadora so she has a lot of experience and likes to work which is good. 
This Sunday Luis and Gleides were confirmed and received the Holy Ghost. I love watching people get confirmed especially our recent converts because the Spirit is really sweet. 
We had a miracle this week. We talked with a man and he had already had the Elders teach him years ago and he is really good and he came to church so we´ll get to work and baptize him! 
This Easter was good. I testified all day about Christ. My understanding about Christ and the atonement is so much better because of the mission. I feel closer to Christ and his love for me and God´s children :) 
Next P day the presidente gave permission so I can go visit Ricardo for my birthday :) Also next p day we´re going to the temple so that will be good and busy! 
I´m pretty pumped for General Conference.  It will be awesome. 
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