Monday, November 21, 2016

Oct 3, 2016

Weekly Update
This week we had our Multi Zona. It was very good. Presidente Thomas wants to bump up the baptisms so we´re going to baptize more! It is always great seeing the people of the mission. I gave my exit testimony which is weird cus I still have a lot of time left. My comp recorded it. I´m really grateful to be on the mission. The conference made me happy to be on the mission this very time because I feel like I´m doing all I can because I´m a full time missionary :) Hearing the messages at the Saturday afternoon session I felt very privileged. Also I knew Mom was thinking a lot about me and Ben the whole time :) 
A few weeks ago I made a contact with a woman and we passed by this week and the Lord is really preparing her. We felt impressed to teach the Book of Mormon on the first visit and she really liked it and read. It seems to always happen that we find someone good with time and after they find a job working at a mall where they have to work Sunday all day, but this time it was different! She works at a mall but she had already advised her boss she wants to quit because she doesn´t like working Sundays. What a blessing :)
We are starting to teach Jessica the commandments. She came to the Sunday afternoon session with her baby and there were two talks that were perfectly perfect for her doubts and questions. The other Jessica also came Saturday afternoon also with her baby and she said that before she was feeling a little down and after she felt much better. 
I loved conference. Seemed to pass by so quick. All of my questions were responded :) I had never tried writing questions I wanted responded during conference until the mission and I´m so glad I´ve learned it-the Lord really responds to our questions! 
We are planning a Master Chef activity and we invited Pres Thomas and the fam to be the judges. I hope this doesn´t blow up in my face and the ward will work on it but I think it will be good. 
It´s already the last week of the transfer we will see what´ll happen! 
Luana´s mom wants to get married and baptized so we´ll get on it. We will teach her today with a couple from the ward. 
I think that´s about it

Sister Haggard 
Multi Zona
Sister Cannon Carta Trunky (6 more months of mission)

Thanks, Grace!