Saturday, November 19, 2016

May 16, 2016

Weekly Update:
This week went by quick. Next week we will have a multi zone conference the last of President Del Guerso :´( And afterwards we´ll all go to the temple :) 
This transfer is going by so fast, already half way over. This morning we went to Polícia Federal for some visa stuff, I miss the center. This month is the month of consecration, so we try to talk only about mission stuff and don´t leave our areas on p day, and next month is the last with Del Guerso. Our Pres is really great about letting us go downtown for our p days and I´m afraid that the next Pres won´t allow us to do anything so I have made a list and will try to visit a few sites I haven´t yet in the p days of next month. 
This week we started a bit rough because the whole zone was a little sick with colds, and we were worried about our investigators, but we were able to visit Dí and Joice are they´re firme forte. We taught Dí this week with Irmã Selm, we skyped from her house and she is very very funny. I taught these last two English classes at the church on Saturday. Sister Bezerra has a really cute accent. It´s like everybody turns into children it´s very cute.
We were walking on the sidewalk with a member Yuli- Yuli is super cool he always teaches with us and is prepping for his mission too- and a member from another ward who was driving stopped and gave us a reference- We went to the reference and she said she´s Catholic, but is really interested about the Church, already reading the Book of Mormon and would like to come to church! I´m not sure if she has an interest beyond curiosity, but she was really nice and cool. This area is awesome! We always get references do nada and the members help us so much. The Elders who we share the area also got a reference from the President. The President of Sao Paulo north has a person who works in his house who lives in Macedônia and the elder had also talked with her in the street one time. This area is crazy! 
This Saturday the ward had a dinner for the moms and that was cool. 
I will go cut my hair soon, it only took a year. 
But that´s about it I think. 
Até próxima semana

Sister Haggard