Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015

Weekly Update.
God really loves his children! These past couple of weeks have been a little tricky for me but this past week I have been really appreciative of all the opportunities I´m having to learn and grow. 
One day all of our appointments fell through and I was standing on the sidewalk thinking what we were going to to when an elderlyish woman walked by and I talked with her and asked her if she was busy and had time for a message. She said yes and that she was walking to the house that we were standing near. We entered the house and there was Gabriela who has 14 yrs. We taught about the plan of salvation. The woman was Seeda, grandmother of her. Gabriela said her older sister was a member and when we talked about baptism she got very excited. At the end of the lesson her mom and sister came in the house so we got to talk with them. Gabriela is underage and so we need the signature of Clarice the mom to teach and baptize her. Clarice was resistant at first because she also has another son who is baptised but doesn´t go to church any more and she didn´t want Gabriela to be baptized and later not want it anymore. I´m so grateful for the Holy Ghost because I said exactly what I needed to say, that baptism will bless the life of Gabriella and recieving the Gift of the Holy Ghost will help guide her and make the right choices in life. I asked Karen, the older sister to share her testimony about the Holy Ghost and at the end Clarice signed. Gabriela also has a younger sister Patricia who is 8 and super super cute. Both went to church this Sunday and loved it. It´s still early but I´m so excited we found this family. 
Another moment that was a miracle was also when we didn´t have any appointments. I was standing on the street thinking what were we going to do and I saw a house and went to knock on it. There was a little interphone box and when we interphoned up a person asked who we were and I said we were looking for Maria (because Maria ia a common name) and that we talked with her and she said we could share a message. The door buzzed and opened! A man was leaving and said Maria was upstairs. He was super nice, said he was baptised and now was catholic. We entered the house and met the elderly couple Maria Rosa and João. They are super nice and hadn´t been to the church in many years. I´m not sure how else we would have found them without the Holy Ghost.
I also had a very tender moment yesterday. Two weeks ago Denisse and Maria Rita were supposed to be confirmed, but they had to pick up a friend at the airport. So this Sunday they were confirmed and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost by the bishop. I felt the Spirit strong and felt so happy in that moment. They really are so special to me and such a miracle. Two weeks ago Arthur was also confirmed by his dad Jussario too and it was also great. 

This transfer I will learn a lot and grow too. Growth has a lot of pain involved, but I´m learning to develop my relationship with my Father in Heaven and one day I will laugh about it some of the challenges I have now. Oh this week Sister Garcia had a division with Sister D. Sousa so it was fun seeing her and we ate pizza with crust stuffed with chocolate. So good and so terrible for my body! Also we are teaching a "scorpion" in missionary terms or someone who likes to flirt a lot. The first time we talked with him he said he needed a church because he was looking to get married. He is very funny but I really think he will like the church and he has a real desire to know more about Christ so we will see. We also had interviews with the president of the mission. President Del Guerso is really a cara- he is super awesome. Very very smart and funny and he always has good advice. 

That is about it 
Beijos e abraços
Sister Haggard 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

October 5, 2015

This week went by really fast! We worked in front of the temple- making contacts and referals- with Sister Carovana and Sister Sanchez. We also had trainamento dos novos! I gave the theme and our purpose. This weekend was also General Conference! It was so nice, what a testimony builder to listen to the Prophet and Apostles. I loved the talk by Elder Holland compairing the love of a mother to her children and the sacrifice of Christ. 
Tomorrow Sister D. Sousa will be transferd to Ferreiera! She will be Sister Training leader! We were both surprised because she only has 7 months in the mission, but it will be a great experience for her. My new companion will be Sister Marques! I have only talked to her once or twice but she seems really great, I´m excited.  Ali Cannon will enter the CTM in a day! Woo hoo! 
My Sister Grace finished her mission in Costa Rica and returned home! I know her work there changed the lives of many people and she served the Lord will all her heart. Parabéns Grace! 
Abraços e beijos 
Sister Haggard

Last day with Sister Carovana

Trainamento dos novos!
Presidente and Sister Guerso

First planejamento I made for myself

September 29, 2015

Weekly update!
This week was very intresting. So Sister Tesser Sister D. Sousa and I were in a trio this week and Sister Tesser "passou mal" last Sunday because she has stomach problems and she drank soda. She continued to have problems and so we were in and out of the hospital a few times and we din´t leave the apartment until later in the day becuase of the heat for Sister Tesser, so the work this week was a little slow, but we focused on our baptisms. Sister Tesser is better but we think her problems are psychological too- she has a lot of home sickness and stress.Now Sister Garcia returned and we are back in our duplas. Next week is the transferência  and so Sister D. Sousa will for sure be transferred because she trained me for two transfers. We worked really well together and Maria Rosa A and I will definitely miss her.

But this weeek we had baptisms!!!!! Maria Rita and Dennis were baptised! Arthur the son of Mirriam and Jussario was baptized too!! Andre from Maria Rosa B from Sister Tesser and Garcia was baptised too! It was really great. I really feel that the Lord really prepared our investigators and I just came along for the ride! It was really such a blessing and miracle to have found Dennise and Maria Rita and Felipe the cutest baby ever! 

This week I really recognized the love I have for the members here and the people I teach and how much my mission will help me improve myself. 

Beijos e abraços,
Sister Haggard 

Anniversario de Jussario

Just us and Jesus!
Last zone conference of this transfer!
P day no templo hoje

September 21, 2015

First things first a couple weeks ago I got a letter from Sister Boatman! I loved it thank you! Also I got a couple letters and some very chique brazilian flip flops from Camila! I love them!

This week flew by. Last Monday we had a Family Home Evening with Irmã Zilda (everyone goes by their first name here) and her husband, sister and niece who aren´t members. We brought the Lambert family too and played a game about prophets, it was good! At the end when we were eating the refreshments, the little girl Monique Lambert puked everywhere! Everybody helped and continued eating! It made for a memorable Family home evening :)
This week Sister D. Sousa and I worked hard! I love spending every minute working and finding new people to teach! Dennise and Maria Rita came to church again and so they are on track for their baptisms this Domingo as well as Arthur! We ate lunch with Dennise this week too. Her house is fun because there is always a different neighbor kid there every visit from the street. We had a lesson with the Bishop with them and he said he really enjoyed coming out with us. This next week will be very busy with preparing for their baptisms and finishing teaching, but we´re so excited, they really are a miracle. People are really being prepaired for the Restored Gospel! 
This week was also MultiZona which was really fun. Our President of the mission is really the best. He is funny and very very very smart. He´s a lawyer and I can see it. He gave a talk about the Sabbath day and a conference talk given last general conference by Elder Russel M. Nelson about the Sabbath. It was intresting because as Missionaries we still work, especially in the morning rounding people up for church, but The Sabbath Day and keeping it Holy is so important. We really want to find, teach, and help families and keeping the Sabbath Day Holy will bless families so so much. 
Sister Del Guerso also gave a talk about having a mind like Christ and the process of becoming better. 
Also, the stake president of Ferreira- President Leite gave a really good talk and after he sang! He gave an example that missionary work sometimes appears like we are pushing against a huge rock that doesn´t move and has no effect. But, when we push against the rock with all our strength even if the rock doesn´t move our muscles are strenghthened! We become stronger better people and this is something I´m strivng for everyday too. 
This next week Sister Garcia will go to a different area and sis Tesser D Sousa and I will be a trio- this will be interesting!

Beijos e abraços
Sister Haggard 

Camila sent me chique havaianas! Amei!
Multi Zona

September 14, 2015

This past Tuesday our mission returned to the CTM! Elder Costa, the general authority of Brazil, gave a talk for missionaries, but the focus was for people deciding or preparing to go on a mission. It will be shown in every stake here in Brazil and the Brazilian wards in the United States. Pretty cool. I was in the second row woo hoo.  It was very good and really fun to return to the CTM for a little bit. This past week was very rainy and cold! But this week is supposed to get hot so I will miss the cold. Today we had p day with the President because our specified group of zones reached a goal of baptisms, so we went downtown to Parque Vira Lobos to talk, play volleyball, and ride bikes! Our President is really the best. In two days we also have Multe Zona- zone conference, so muito corrido which is fun. 
A couple weeks ago while walking down a really big hill I saw a girl sitting on the terrace of a house and I stopped. Sister D. Sousa and me made a contact- introduced ourselves and made an invitation to the church. She said she didn't live there, but her friend´s mom did and we got a reference. When we followed up this week, we met the reference- Dennise who is a single mom with an 11 year old and a 1 year old. She said her mom had passed away 3 months before. We taught her the Restoration and marked a date for baptism.She asked us which version of the Bible we used and brought her Bible down. Her mom had given Dennise her Bible and when we opened the Bible, there were a few photos and on top of the photos was a message card we pass out and on the other side was Sister D. Sousa´s handwritting with the church address and hours! It was a shock! Dennise started crying and showed us a picture of her mom. She looked very familiar, but I think we arrived in Maria Rosa right after she passsed away. Maybe the first contact we made put the card there, I don´t know, but it was pretty cool and we know we are supposed to teach Dennise.
 I think if we do our part we will find the Lord has already done his!
Also this week we had a day where all the appointments at an apartment we had fell through. As we were walking back we passed the house of Mateus, which is in the same street. We have been praying and fasting so that we can meet with the father of Mateus because Mateus´s mom is a recent convert, but the dad still doesn´t know and we can´t move forward until his dad knows about the church and us.But every time we are at the house he isn´t home or upstairs and because of the situation we have to be patient and subtle. And who did we see leaving the house but Senhor José himself! We introduced ourselves and he was super nice. We made a compromisso to talk with him more this week!
Only 3 more weeks in this transfer! This second transfer has gone by super fast. I will probably stay in Maria Rosa and get a different companion. But you never know transfers are exciting! 
Beijos e abraços,
Sister Haggard 

I forgot! This week I also had a division with Sister Carovana in Ferreira! She is really so awesome! She only has three weeks left in her mission! Ferriera is a very shique area!

Almoco antes o CTM

In front of the metro
Sister Covey
Parque Vira Lobos
Sister Carovana
our Zone

September 8, 2015

I don't have time to write an update now we are going to the CTM agiain today!! A 70 is coming to give a talk and we'll bus it over there. Im excited, never thought ´d return to the CTM! São Paulo West mission is really blessed because we have the São Paulo temple and headquarters and CTM in our mission. So if an apostle or leader of the church visited Brazili its highly likly to be in our mission and we get to hear talks! I´m emailing today because today is our p day because of the talk and yesterday was Brazil´s independance day so internet places weren´t open.