Sunday, November 20, 2016

August 15, 2016

Weekly Update:
This week was interesting!
I had my first division as a sister training leader and it went super great. This week we had a couple cold days that made working hard because nobody likes to open the door or stop to talk when it´s cold and I don´t blame them! But the rest of the week was good. Bruna and Ryan accepted a date to be baptized but were a little wish washy but I have hope and faith they´ll get baptized before the end of the transfer. We talked about Helamã 12:5 about building on the rock of God so we made a comparison of what were things that would be the rock (Christ) and what would be bad things that would make for a bad foundation, sand. We also had a family home evening with them and their aunt and cousin about the Sabbath day and they really understood! Because this Sunday was Father´s Day and they would have something for their dad but they came to the first hour to take the sacrament :) They are really great. We are teaching a bunch and finding a bunch of good people to teach. 
Today we went downtown to Avenida Paulista because I wanted to buy a Brazilian cook book so that was good. Good and bad memories of the downtown haha but mostly good I miss it there. I bought some mate for tererê that I had been looking for because I didn´t find it with mint and it´s super good with mint. 
I love Macedônia and the people here. This ward is so awesome. Just two more weeks in the transfer. The Olympics are being watched. I heard the US is killin    it :)  
I think that´s about it. 
Have a great week!

Sister Haggard 
my first division

cute dog!

Don Quixote!