Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sept 19, 2016

Weekly Update:
This week was good. We are really seeing miracles. Although no one came to church this Sunday, which is always kinda stinky, we are finding people who have been prepared by God and who are interested and have a desire. 
I know when we ask God about what path to take in life, specifically about His Church and Gospel, He will always respond :)
We had our Reunião/trenamento das Sisteres this week which was at the President´s house. I really liked it that it was at his apartment - much more cozy. It was weird because now I´m one of the oldest sisters. The sisters from the senior couples of our mission gave talks and sister Cannon got called to translate hahaha. Translating is fun. The meeting was very good for me because I think as we have more time on the mission we forget to study the basics and have our habits. So it brought me back to think and study the basics of Preach My Gospel and I´m getting more out of my study. But the meeting also was the first social thing I´ve had in more than a year and it reminded me how horrible socially I am haha. But Really.
We are teaching Jessica and her sister Auana whose mom died recently. Auana prayed as we had invited her about what we´re teaching and she had a dream about her mom coming in the door at Christmas. It was a very tender moment and we had the opportunity to talk about eternal families through temple work. 
On the way to the sister meeting another sister talked with a woman on the bus and she passed her address to us. We went there this week and she said that she had changed her life and told us about her life that really showed she did. And she said she wants to continue to change and wants to be baptized :)
We are also teaching a young couple who are legally married (milagre!) and they are very interested and understand everything when we teach and ask questions. I love investigators who ask questions! I always ask questions. I think questions are one of our greatest tools in having a testimony. 
At church we had a class that was very interesting. It talked about how many people make changes in their lives but after a time they return to old habits. It talked a lot about a true conversion and compared with the Book of Mormon, that when faced with destruction the Nephites repented but after a time they are blessed and the threat is taken away they fall back in old habits. It made me really think about true conversion- anti Nephi Lehites and Nephi. We need to understand and use the atonement to have a real conversion and perseverar até o fim :) 
It´s already half the transfer...Yesterday we spent the day looking for people on a list of unknown people in the ward in which nobody still lived here and it rained até o pó. Now it gets real hot and later will pour :) 
I think that´s about it.
I love you, 

Sister Haggard 
reunion das sisters at pres's house

You can see our chapel from the pres's house.