Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016 the field is white already to harvest...

Weekly Update:
Yesterday little Thiago recieved the Holy Ghost. Last Monday, Sister Garcia and I had lunch with Miriam from Maria Rosa! We took a pic but I didn´t bring my camera with me so next week. She will get sealed in the temple with Jussario soon and we´re expecting invites :) After we picked up Arthur from school too.
This week we started teaching a less active named Lucas with his friend Hudson. They´re in their 20s but they´re boyish and Hudson is really good. He has a good desire to learn about the gospel. Our investigator Luis will get married this week and we will baptize him this Sunday or next Saturday :) We will help Aline his fiance make the sweets! She is a member, just was less active for a time. They have a really cute baby boy Hector. Luis has been investigating the church for many years, but wasn´t married so he couldn’t be baptized. The legal marriage here sometimes is really complicated and demora always. Luis has known tons of missionaries. Something very special about mission work is that you can´t know the effects of the work- it does not have an end. The testimony Luis has was made because of all the missionaries that helped him for the future. I think about being a missionary and I´m really just here to give people opportunities and invites to know our Heavenly Father and have a relationship with Him.
Our investigator Gladies who was a forever investigator accepted this Sunday to be baptized so we´re really praying for her to stick with it. She has everything and is ready.  She just has to commit. She has known the church also for forever.
It rains and pours some times and then it´s really hot. Sister Garcia turned 7 months in the mission.

Sister Haggard