Sunday, March 13, 2016

February 22, 2016

Weekly Update:
Wow a lot happened this week! So we had an emergency transfer. In truth I think the Pres forgot about our two groups because it was weird when Sister Lockhart didn´t get a new companion and Sister Garcia finished the training of an American Sister but they stayed together- normally after two together, especially trainer and trainee someone gets sent to a new area. 
Em fim I got transferred to resolve the problem so I left Perdizes :( I was excited to stay there a third, especially with Wagner and Carol. But I learned so much there and I´m grateful that I passed there. It was interesting because I learned two things in the beginning of the transfer that I probably wouldn´t have learned had I been transferred normally.
But I got transferred to Intercap which is a neighborhood of Taboão. It is the opposite side of the highway of Maria Rosa. I was very apprehensive to return to Taboão because my last transfer there was not real great, but it is a good area. Sister Garcia is my companion. She is very nice.  We lived together in Maria Rosa! The day after we had our mini transfer they had already planned a split with the sister trainers so I went to Ferreira for two days which was cool chique! 
An investigator of 8 yrs finally resolved his marriage- it´s super complicated here legally ugh- so he is getting married with his wife at the end of the month and the following week we will baptize him. Also we visited Thiago who is 9 and isn´t baptized yet, but his sisters are. His mom signed the baptism paper and so we marked Thiago to be baptized this Sunday and we will be teaching his mom as well, Juliana who is very nice. She works a lot so the elders who baptized the sister didn´t teach the mom and Thiago was not old enough to be baptized at the time. 
More stuff happened but I ran out of time! 

Sister Haggard

We woke her up to say bye :)