Sunday, March 13, 2016

February 2, 2016

Weekly Update:
It´s the last week of the transfer already. This morning we went to the temple, which was very nice. It´s very hot here in the summer. Carnival has already begun in our areas here in the centro. Basically they close a few big streets and people dress like Lalapalooza and drink and smoke a lot and have a festa in the street. It will probably be very crazy Friday straight until Tuesday. 
This week we taught our investigator Carol about the Word of Wisdom. We brought the Bishop too so he could give her a blessing. The bishop also talked about a bunch of stuff. I really liked a couple things he said.

We, all of us children of God, need to pray. We need to pray with real intent and faith because when we do this we will feel the Holy Ghost. This is so important because when this happens we know God heard our prayer! And if God heard our prayer, it means we´re important to God. And once we really recognize and know this we will only want to do things that will help ourselves and our futures to make Him happy. We can have a perspective more positive that we really have an enormous potential we just need to aproveitar the opportunities we´re given.