Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 7, 2016

Weekly Update:
This week flew by! The time flies by on the mission!  I have 9 months here in Brazil which I can´t believe. We celebrated with pizza (Brazilian pizza is SO GOOD). This week was really good too because we had our multi zone conference. I saw the gang of Perdizes again. I really liked that area.  I miss it! The center is cool. 
But multi zona was really great. It was the last one for the presidente del guerso, although we´ll probably have a conference in May. He leaves in June. I love seeing all the people in the mission. Não tem como to not make strong friendships on a mission. 
We´re working a bunch and teaching a bunch. 
I renewed my visa this week with sister Covey and it was weird because 9 months ago we were there in the policia federal -the time really does fly! I loove Sister Covey so much.  She was called to be sister trainadora this transfer. 
I can´t believe I only have 9 more months. I have so much to learn and do still. I think thus far I´ve learned so much more patience with people and with myself and really how to start being happy. The Lord has the gospel and a path for each one of us, we just really need to listen to the Lord and act! 
Sister Haggard 


9 Meses!