Sunday, March 6, 2016

December 28, 2015

Weekly Update:
So here Christmas Eve night is bigger than Christmas. Christmas is celebrated a lot more in the states too. New Year´s Eve is the big holiday. But here lots and lots of people travel during the week of Christmas until after the new year. 
I had a great day Christmas Eve. That morning we went to the famer´s market and bought fruit-mangos! We visited the people who we knew didn´t travel and sang Christmas hymns. We practiced Jesus in the Manger a lot and Silent Night, Silent Night Sister Conde doesn´t like too much haha. We visited Vilma an ex investigator who is now an investigator hopefully. We gave her some cookies and sang for her. She lived in Japan for 28 years and her husband lives there but she lives most of the year in Brazil because she likes it here. She was a singer so we were a little embarrassed with our very off tuned songs but it was great. She gave us Japanese fans for a present. That night we went to Lidia´s house. There was churrasco and a bunch of sushi. It was my first time eating fish raw and it was good! There was Lidia, her parents and her uncle and cousins. In total there was 10 people. It was really nice. The night ended a little short because one of Lidiás dogs bit her uncle- they are guard dogs to protect against robbers and he went out to see them because he likes dogs- so everybody said bye and went to get him a couple stiches. But afterwards we talked with Lidia and her parents a bit more, they don´t really support Lidia in the church, but are so nice. Lidia is such a great person too. It was a great night. Afterwards I opened up my presents :) 
Christmas we went to a member´s home to eat lunch with the elders. Everybody skyped their families. My family was on a cruise so I didn´t get to skype them on Christmas, but I will tonight Woo Hoo!! 
On Saturday we talked with Lidia and taught her the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity at the church which went super well and afterwards she stayed and watched the baptism of two of the Elder´s investigators. It was a great experience and she seemed to really enjoy it.  Lidia was scheduled to be baptized this Saturday, but Sunday morning she sent us a message that she didn´t have time to continue with the church right now. So we´re going to pop by today to talk with her and help her see the importance of baptism and the gospel in her life! 
Yesterday we received news that Sister Conde was transferred to the interior. Sister Conde was a great companion and daughter.  We were both sad she got transferred. I will receive Sister Lockhart who is an American. We´re going to destroy Perdizes!!
I´m so grateful for my family and for the birth of our Savior so I can be with them for all of eternity :) 
Feliz Ano Novo! 
Sister Haggard
Stadium of the Palmeiras which is down the street where we live.
Christmas with Lidia and her parents after the others left.
Our water got turned off last week for a few days because the elders forgot to pay an old bill and one day it was raining really hard so I took a video and picture and in the picture you can see the guy who came to turn our water back on hahaha.  If I hadn't been taking a video I wouldn't have been able to hear or see that the water guy came by and to let him in, so it was a miracle!
I also made cookies for the festa at Lidia's that didn't turn out too great but everybody liked them, so I'm grateful they don't have too much to compare the cookies with.  :)

One investigao gave us Japanese fans, so it was a very Japanese Christmas in Brazil!
Lola, an investigator of the elders - she's really awesome.