Sunday, March 13, 2016

February 11, 2016

Weekly Update:
Carnival is just about over. It was pretty calm if you avoid the blocks of Carnival, every day for a week they blocked off assigned streets to have a festa! At 7:30 we stayed in casa too for three days. Some guys dress up in skirts and its weird. It was a bit hard to work because the people of Perdizes like to travel because they´re chique. Neither Sister Lockhart or I were transferred, which surprised me, we thought for sure Sis Lockhart would train a noobie. The zone changed a lot. Normally it´s one zone per stake but here because the areas in the center are so big, it was Zona Casa Verde where the CTM is and Zona Perdizes, but the Pres closed Casa Verde so it´s just one big zone now. We´re teaching Carol who has some problems but has a real desire to change. God really looks at us, who we can be and to Him the desire is maybe most important because when we have faith and a desire to change and follow the example of Christ, we can! And the Lord will help us every step of the way, we just have to do our part. Last P day we went to the temple which was really nice very peaceful. Afterwards we went to the MASP - museum de arte do brasil- because museums here are closed Monday and we switched p days to go to the temple on Tuesday. It was on my bucket list of things to do while I´m here in São Paulo. Rafael and Juliana are hard to teach because they always are working or traveling but they´re really special we have a lot of hope and we need a lot of hope! I´ve really learned a lot in my time here in Perdizes. The area is a lot bigger than Maria Rosa and so 3 transfers here is good. I think I will probably be transferred after so I need to destroy here! We will start an English class at the church so we hope this will introduce the church more and we will find some new investigators. 

Sister Haggard 

At the MASP - museum de arte do brasil

Sis Lockhart appreciating the art
They put the painting on glass, so it looks like the paintings are floating.

8 months passa rapido!