Sunday, March 6, 2016

December 14, 2015

Weekly update:
Last P day Sister Conde and I went to Mercado Municipal and the street 25. The mercado was cool except a vender got me good. There was this rapaz selling fruit and he stopped us. And then he kept cutting fruit and feeding us all kinds of cool fruit and we were like ok, so we felt really obligated to buy fruit. I bought two mangos but he told us the price in grams! When he weighed it, it was 40 reais! I said nope and so he lowered the price but it was still very high, but I felt bad because he fed us fruit! Sister Conde also paid a bunch for some strawberries haha. Now every time we see mangos or at a member’s house Sister Conde explains how I got tricked because of the mangos. We also ate mortadela there! 
This week we had the ward Christmas party too.
This week was a little sad because Lydia cortou a gente- she said she doesn´t have time to investigate the church right now because she has to study a lot for these national tests and work. I think it´s pretty sad when people say this because the gospel and our Savior can help us and bless us so much in our difficulties and challenges. The gospel blesses us 100x more than we can even imagine because it´s for eternity, and also there isn´t a job or test the Lord can´t help us with. But Lydia invited us over for Christmas Eve for dinner after so we´ll see! 
I gave my first talk in church about faith and the Widow of Zarepta.
One time I jumped to get on the bus and there were two Elders behind me. But my skirt wasn´t the flowy kind so my foot went short of where I planned, so I fell on the public bus flashing the elders and the whole world behind me HAHA @_@
This week our whole mission is getting together for our Festa de Natal WooHoo! 
Feliz Natal! 
Sister Haggard