Sunday, March 13, 2016

January 26, 2016

Weekly Update:
A while ago I talked with a man who was pushing a stroller with a baby and asked if we could pass by and share a message with him another day. It never worked out to talk to him until this week, and he let us into the apartment. He was home with his two little girls, Bruna and Victoria 1 and 6 years old. Bruna turned 1 that day! Shortly after Rafael´s wife, Juliana, arrived with her sister. We then shared the message of The Plan of Salvation. It was a lesson really guided by the Spirit. We explained that our families can be together forever. The spirit was very strong and Juliana and her sister cried because they too felt it. 
Two days later we had a transisson from the leaders of the church and afterwards the president pulled me aside to let me know my grandma had passed away that morning. But it´s ok because I know that my family will be together forever! My grandma was the sweetest, most caring person ever and now she is resting and being taught the gospel. I´m very grateful for the opportunity I have to share with people that death isn´t the end, really the beginning and we have such hope because our Heavenly Father loves us and our families. When we returned and talked about the Restored the Gospel with Juliana and Rafael, Juliana explained that at the time I made the contact with Rafael they were looking for a religion for them and that the day we taught them she thought she was going to arrive and have a fight with her husband, but instead we were there and talked about how our families can be forever! I know the Lord is preparing people for us and that everything is in His time. But it was a tender mercy to teach this family before my grandma passed away, to really feel the Holy Ghost testify about the Lord´s Plan of happiness.

Feast before the transmission for the missionaries. The meat guy gave me a little of 
every type of churrasco - didn´t finish!