Sunday, March 13, 2016

January 18, 2016

Weekly Update:
Our investigator Pedro who we were pretty pumped to get to church and get baptized went to work to in Salvador for 1 month, which is too bad, but he said he´ll look up a church there and visit there so in one month só agua! 
This week we started teaching Carol. It is interesting to see how the Lord gives people chances and prepares them for the gospel. She ended a relationship with her boyfriend a little more than a week ago and told us she really wants to give up her drinking and smoking problems and start her life de novo. We shared Alma 7 and explained that though Jesus Christ this is 100% possible. I´ve really learned that each one of us individually needs to use our agency to choose Christ and have a desire to follow His example. Sometimes we don´t have much desire but if we humble ourselves, the Lord can strengthen us and change our desires to have a happier life! It really is a blessing. She works in a salon so we brought a member Ana Claudia who also works in a salon to teach one night. It was pretty funny because they talked a while about nails and after that about bad boyfriends haha and everything comes back to the gospel! 
What is tricky here in Brazil is that so many people live together years and years and have kids but don´t get married ah! Frustrating We´re teaching a bunch of couples that need to seal the deal. We taught Robson and his family and they gave us awesome cupcakes which was legal. 
Last Sunday we brought a mom and son to church, Mario and Theresa. He has 24 yrs but is really dependent on his mom and his mom who does not want us to teach Mario anymore, wouldn´t let us in. So we asked a recent convert of three weeks Duke to call Mario to see if he could get him to church. Basically Duke is awesome and said he could hook Mario up with a job and he could stay with him at his house if he wanted! So we will see what happens. Duke was a super super eleito. He read the Book of Mormon in 6 days, is reading Jesus The Christ, and is finishing up Preach My Gospel. This Sunday during Gospel Principles class we talked about Jesus Christ. Duke shared his testimony that was really special. His wife died a year ago and he said how he can talk forever with the Elders about it, but they or anyone will never truly understand. But that Jesus Christ knows us perfectly, knows and felt every joy and pain that we feel and through Him we can find peace because He knows what we´re going through and he knows how to help us. 
I hope everyone is doing well, I love you all

Sister Haggard