Sunday, March 6, 2016

January 4, 2016! Happy New Year from Sao Paulo!!!!

Weekly Update!
So this week was pretty interesting. Terça Feira I got my new companion Sister Lockhart. She is very nice, from North Carolina. Our house also got two more sisters! The house is very small, but it´s always more fun living in 4. Three Americans and one Brasileira waiting for her visa to head to Florida.  It was pretty funny driving to the temple for the transfer because the Irmã that gave us a ride is not an expert driver we’ll say, and it was raining and there are a lot a lot of hills in Perdizes. So we were having difficulties getting up a hill and the Irmã was giving a bunch of desculpas "This is an awful car!" "There´s oil on the road, there’s oil on the road!" and the elder sitting next to me "There´s no oil on the road!"- in English.  But we made it to the temple and got our new companions.
The president completely changed our zone and I think the changes will help. 
This week was pretty difficult because more people travel out of the city for New Years than Christmas! It was pretty weird. The streets were empty and nobody was home. 
For New Year´s Eve the President wanted all the zones to get together at a chapel and have a little party so that was great. We ate pizza and ice cream and the boys played some soccer. 
Here 2 or 3 million people get together at Av Paulista for New Year’s night. At midnight people lit fireworks. Here New Years and after Carnival are a lot bigger holidays than Christmas. 
We passed by Lidia, but she says she doesn´t have time to have church in her life right now. Although things didn´t work out with her this time around, I´m really grateful for the time we spent together and the opportunity to get to know her. It is sad when things don´t work out because I know how much the gospel can help everyone. People think that they can´t focus on religion or come to church because of a problem, they don´t have time or are working, but the gospel will only help resolve and deal with the challenges of life. We were talking to an Irmã in the ward and she said that now that she is a member, her problems haven´t gone away, but now she knows how to deal with them because of the gospel and receive so many more blessing in the end. 
One investigator Pedro said he finally got a job interview for a job that would enable him to come to church because he doesn´t have to work weekends. He already has a really strong testimony about the Book of Mormon, The only thing stopping his progress was coming to church. It really is a miracle. We´re hoping everything works out. 
It was pretty tricky finding people to teach this week. Yesterday we said a prayer, and after we stopped in front of a house and asked to use the bathroom. The owner Maria let us in and while one was in the bathroom (demorou) I gave a pamphlet about the plan of salvation and when she got out of the bathroom we switched places and next week we´ll return! It was an answer to our prayer.
Also this week I talked with my lovely beautiful family :) 
Até Mais!
Sister Haggard 

The Fam
Some of the buses were fancy.

7 months on the mish!  Camino ate o po!
There is a park in our area called agua branca and it's pretty. 
New Year's Eve festa.  Pizza!

New sisters in the house!
Sister Lockhart and the bus!