Sunday, March 6, 2016

December 7, 2015

Weekly Update:
It is always hard to think about what happened in the past week because it flies by! So in our area there is the stadium of a soccer team that is very popular the palmeiras. They are green and white. This week they had a really important game and so there were a ton of people and there were a ton of people setting off fireworks, but not super pretty fireworks more like the kind that makes a lot of noise. We knew they won because afterwards in the wee hours of the morning there were lots of cheering and honking and fireworks in the street! This week we kept visiting Lydia and her mom Alice. They are so nice. Lydia has doubts about the Book of Mormon- her brother said some things too he doesn´t like religion- so we assigned her Alma 32 that talks about the word of God and compares it to a seed and how we need to feed the seed with our faith and cultivate it with patience and effort. When we do our part we will be given experiences from our loving Heavenly Father that will testify if the seed is a seed from him or not and we can see the blessing or fruit of this seed and know for ourselves if it was a good seed or a bad seed! 
We also had a cool experience with prayer. Everything fell through and so we said a prayer. Basically every time we do this shortly afterwards we find someone to teach and share the gospel with. We said a prayer, walked up some steps, rang the doorbell of a contact we had, and we were able to teach! 
Yesterday the President met with us and told us that the grandma of my companion passed away. It is something so hard to deal with especially here in the mission, but Sister Conde is really amazing. What a comfort to know that this world is not the end and that our families can be together forever! 
I love you all at home. I hope everyone is well.

Sister Haggard