Sunday, September 4, 2016

April 25, 2016

Weekly Update
Soooo I was transferred. And Sister Rodrigues too. The pres closed the area so there´s only 1 dulpa in Intercap. I really wanted to stay because of our investigators. Maurício came to church again. We had a district meeting and we had a practice about asking questions. And the greeny Elder Babcock who has difficulties speaking Portuguese (who doesn´t!) asked one of those basic questions everybody asks in the CTM and beginning.- If God was here right now and you could ask Him anything, what would it be? And it is such an awesome question that I use much more now and it really helps us and the investigators. I liked this because if we´re humble we can learn from all people, whether they´re young or old or have a lot of experience or a little. 
Isadora another investigator wasn´t able to come to church because her dad wanted her to make lunch for him @_@, but next Sunday she will come and probably will get baptized too :) 
With Aline we talked with her about her baptism marked the interview, but we didn´t find her at home Thursday, Friday and Saturday because there was a holiday- Tira dente (there was a dentist a long time ago that died trying to make Brazil independent). Aline didn´t come to church and at church, the neighbor of Aline who is a member said that she went to the Catholic church that morning and baptized Victoria. So that had never happened in my mission before. Not sure what happened but obviously there was a lack of communication or something happened so that was a weird experience of the week. 
Larissa is another investigator who is really interested but is working with her mom to let her come to church. 
So I really wanted to stay here and I didn´t want to learn another area, but the Lord knows what´s best. I got transferred to Macedonia with Sister Bezerra. Sister Bezerrra was also a sister trainadora and I will kill her (it is her last transfer before she returns home :)
I leaned a lot this transfer. My companion and I had difficulties as vezes but I really dug deep and learned more humility and patience. I also learned more about love. Really we can´t change others, but we can love them. When we love them they feel our love and everything is better. Really we can´t change others but it is a fact love can! Yay for love! 
And already I get to skype my family again for mother´s day! I only get 2 skypes on the mission because with the timing of things I´ll be home for Christmas. Festa bebê. 
àte mais boa semana abraços

Sister Haggard