Sunday, September 4, 2016

April 11. 2016

This week was really good. I had a great B day. God gave me na amazing gift because the day before and the morning of my b day we had a division so I was with Sister Covey!  love her so much. It is crazy to think back all those months ago when we were in the CTM juntos! Sister Covey has so much Christ like love for every single person, I was taken aback really she is so wonderful. I realized I need to love even more! The morning of my birthday Covey, t Silva e c. Silva bought me a strawberry creme cake and cut me out a card things. Sister Covey took pics but lost her camera a few days after. After I opened up my box my Family had sent with some much needed shoes and candy i got to share with everybody. Sister D. Sousa also gave me a card and had printed out a Picture of us that I took the day we baptized Maria :) It was so sweet she also gave me a necklace that I use every day now that says amor on one side and a heart on the other. Sister Covey made an envelope and inside on little strips of paper she wrote me all the reasons why she loves me :)))) The day was tranquilo and at the very end of the night we went to Pastor and his Family and they threw me a little party and we ate cake :)
This Sunday our investigator Aline came to church with her baby girls and she liked it. She is really great at the end of the month we hope she will get baptized :)
I love the mission because we can only receive personal revelation is we search and if we put ourselves in the right place, spiritually speaking. And there´s no better place than the mission to do this. The mission is so so hard but I think it´s so interesting all the things I´ve learned about my self and how I can improve. God really shows me what I´m faulting, and gives me love and hope and the "how" I can change and become better- generally with the Atonement but also in specific ways how and what to do through the Holy Ghost.

Sister Haggard

Sister Rodrigues
North Dakota map in my package!
Birthday Girl!
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