Sunday, November 22, 2015

November 3, 2015

Weekly Update
Got a letter from Sister Cannon from the CTM! Two weeks! 
Correction from lasts weeks update- ter bom ânimo- Mosiah 24:13-14 
Yesterday was a holiday here Day of the Dead. A few weeks ago I was excited because I thought day of the dead here was like Mexico- uma festa! Mas na verdade it´s a super sad holiday here everybody visits the cemetery and cries. So yesterday all of the missions in São Paulo went to the cemeteries to pass out little passouts that talk about the Plan of Salvation and to make contacts and referrals during the morning. It was super interesting- how am I going to talk to this person who is visiting their  family member who´s passed away- especially when the companion pulls out the "So how was the death of your Father for you?" @_@ But we only talked to one man in the cemetery because we got kicked out after not very long because it was a private cemetery. So we made contacts in front and it was good. Our P day got switched so today is Pday.
In truth this week was a bit of a doosy. The mom of Matues finally said she would talk to the dad of Mateus that day and so I was super excited and really thought I would get to baptize Mateus, but the mom said that the dad said no and got angry and so the mom won´t support Mateus because she´s afraid the dad won´t allow her and her daughter to continue coming to church. It was a bit of a blow, we´ve been visiting Mateus for 4 months. This among other stuff made this week difficult. But really God loves his children. Yesterday we got to teach Julia another lesson. We taught her the Restoration and she is super great, but the next week she gave birth to her son and we didn´t find her em casa and so 20 days after we visited she´s still great and wants to come to church :) Also we have a miracle family. The mom, Elani, knows a friend who is Mormon and came to church all by herself and loved it. She is reading the Book of Mormon and is loving it. She read what we marked for her and the introduction and started reading from the beginning. She has a husband, Alexandre two little girls, one will turn 8 on the 22nd of November- perfect timing for baptism! Also we had another miracle within the family because when we visited yesterday a cousin of 16 yrs moved in with them, Emily. Emily is super excited about the church and visited the church when she was younger! I´m so happy to have the opportunity to share the gospel and my testimony with this family. They will be baptized probably at the end of the month and so I will most likely be transferred to another area at this time because the transfer is on the day 17 and it´s my 3rd transfer here, so I will probably leave for another area. I´m sad I probably won´t see them baptized but happy to teach them and prepare them. I´m really trying to learn more patience and perseverance and more faith to have more confidence in myself! A mission is really trying at times, but I´ve never had such opportunities to use the Atonement in my life to become a better person.
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