Sunday, November 22, 2015

October 26, 2015

Weekly update (in 5 minutes :))
We marked Luana for baptism- she is very adventista (they´re tricky ones) but super sweet and very open minded. We will see! She likes to cook and has baked me a cake 3 times! Woo hoo!
Also This week we taught Gabriela and Pat more (fofas de mais!) It´s a little sad because they really want to be baptized, but their mom doesn´t want them to be until they´re much older, but I´m so grateful for the opportunity to know them and share the gospel with them. The video of the talk Elder Costa gave at the CTM was shown in every ward in Brazil and portuguese wards in the US and there are a couple unflatering moments where I am shown hahaha mas tudo bem. 
This week I really learned the importance of patience but more about having a good atitude. (If i remember right) Alma 17:11-12 (ter bom ânimo)  has really helped me. God wants us to be happy. He has given us his son, the gospel, our families, and all the tools to be happy but we have to choose for ourselves! Changing your atitude to a positive one not only changes your self but everything around you! 
3 more weeks until Sister Cannon hits the pavement here in São Paulo Oeste! 
Also this week was the birthday of Miriam, we made the brigadeiro and it was a great surprise :)  
Abraços e beijos,
Sister Haggard 

Foto Entrevistas com Presi - Ferreira