Sunday, November 22, 2015

November 16, 2015

Weekly Update:
This week we taught Guilherme more and are preparing him for his baptism. We taught Eliani about the word of wisdom. She has an addiction to cafine, she´d previously gone to a neurologist when she got a terrrible headache- but she is quitting coffee! It was a great lesson with the Relief society president testifying too. I love it when Eliani talks because she shares her testimony about the church, the Book of Mormon, and even Joseph Smith and it is beautiful to hear. She will get baptized with her daughter Eliza and cousin who lives with them Emily, in two weeks :) Her husband Alexandre will get baptized one day but needs more time to pesquisar :) A sweet thing that happened this week was that we finally found the mother of Taina at home! Taina is 11 yrs old and is friends with Maria Rita and Denise. It was Taina that we made a contact with to get to know Denise. Taina is always playing around the neighborhood, but we never had luck finding the mom at home because she works a lot. But we found her- Cristiane- and taught her about the Restoration and it was a sweet lesson and she is super nice and excited about the church! 
Buuuuut I was transferred! I will go to the area Pergizes, not sure how to spell it yet. There they have lots of hills and buildings I hear -  we´ll see! I was called to finish the training of another Sister. She is from Argentina and is 29 years old so it will be fun! The elders also said I will open up an area again, but I´m not sure, I think I will just train, we´ll see about that too. The mission will get 13 new Sisters!!! This is a lot. 5 of them are Brazilians waiting for their visas for other countries. Sister Cannon arrives tomorrow! I will not see her because I will go straight to Pergizes because the Sister from Argentina is already there. But two days later we have trainamento das Sisteres so I will see her woo hoo!
This week we taught a lesson with a RM and he used Alma 7 to explain the Atonement and it was a great moment. 
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Sister Haggard 

Day of the Dead - Sister Tesser had a funeral for her shoes.  :)
Sam's look-alike Gustavo
Saying a few goodbyes