Sunday, October 18, 2015

September 21, 2015

First things first a couple weeks ago I got a letter from Sister Boatman! I loved it thank you! Also I got a couple letters and some very chique brazilian flip flops from Camila! I love them!

This week flew by. Last Monday we had a Family Home Evening with Irmã Zilda (everyone goes by their first name here) and her husband, sister and niece who aren´t members. We brought the Lambert family too and played a game about prophets, it was good! At the end when we were eating the refreshments, the little girl Monique Lambert puked everywhere! Everybody helped and continued eating! It made for a memorable Family home evening :)
This week Sister D. Sousa and I worked hard! I love spending every minute working and finding new people to teach! Dennise and Maria Rita came to church again and so they are on track for their baptisms this Domingo as well as Arthur! We ate lunch with Dennise this week too. Her house is fun because there is always a different neighbor kid there every visit from the street. We had a lesson with the Bishop with them and he said he really enjoyed coming out with us. This next week will be very busy with preparing for their baptisms and finishing teaching, but we´re so excited, they really are a miracle. People are really being prepaired for the Restored Gospel! 
This week was also MultiZona which was really fun. Our President of the mission is really the best. He is funny and very very very smart. He´s a lawyer and I can see it. He gave a talk about the Sabbath day and a conference talk given last general conference by Elder Russel M. Nelson about the Sabbath. It was intresting because as Missionaries we still work, especially in the morning rounding people up for church, but The Sabbath Day and keeping it Holy is so important. We really want to find, teach, and help families and keeping the Sabbath Day Holy will bless families so so much. 
Sister Del Guerso also gave a talk about having a mind like Christ and the process of becoming better. 
Also, the stake president of Ferreira- President Leite gave a really good talk and after he sang! He gave an example that missionary work sometimes appears like we are pushing against a huge rock that doesn´t move and has no effect. But, when we push against the rock with all our strength even if the rock doesn´t move our muscles are strenghthened! We become stronger better people and this is something I´m strivng for everyday too. 
This next week Sister Garcia will go to a different area and sis Tesser D Sousa and I will be a trio- this will be interesting!

Beijos e abraços
Sister Haggard 

Camila sent me chique havaianas! Amei!
Multi Zona