Thursday, September 3, 2015

August 17, 2015

This week was intresting! Last Monday I was able to visit the Sanz family! Their house is beautiful and we ate a ton- a ton- of Brazilian BBQ, it was awesome. The Sanz family lives only 10 minutes away from where we live by car. Crazy. The Sanz family is super nice and funny. They have 4 boys and they remind me of my family, very funny and they joke around with each other a lot. It is super fun seeing Ricardo. He is teaching English and will start college, and at the end of the year serve his mission, he is hoping for Japan!
 Our message we shared with them was about the commandments. I love sharing this example. People here like to fly kites. Sometimes children want to cut the string of the kite thinking the string restricts the kite and the kite will soar higher without the string. However when the string is cut the kite will fall. We are the kite and the commandments are the string. Sometimes we think we do not need the commandments in our lives, that they restrict us. However this is not reality. The commandments maintain us and connect us to God. They protect us and guide us in our lives, and enable us to soar and reach happiness in our lives. I have a strong testimony that God only gives commandments so he can bless us and he never asks us to do anything without prepairing a way for us to complete the things asked. We made a little kite and put a magnet on the back so they can put it on their fridge! 
This week we had a division and I stayed in Maria Rosa and Sister Carovana came here. We had some good appointments and it was intresting because I was able to lead Sister C around! Sister Carrovana is from Argentina and is super awesome. 
This week we also had some difficulties. It remided me that I need patience! If I work hard and do the best I can the Lord will do his part in his time. 
Also! Next week I have trainging with the noobies with the President and the assistantes so I get to see Sister Covey! I´m pumped, I want to speak Portuguese really well haha. Also Elder Anderson, an apostle and quorum of the 12, is coming the 22nd to give a talk to the mission! I´m very excited!

muito carne!!!


with Ricky Sanz

Ricardo's mom is the best!

Look at all that yummy food!!!!!!!

A feast!

Ricky Sanz

Thank you for a great p day!!!