Sunday, August 16, 2015

August 10, 2015

Weekly Update
This week flew by. We are continuing to teach Adriano and he´s pretty cool! We also started to teach Maria! She is 87 and so cute! We teach very simply and with pictures, I asked her if she wanted to be baptized and she said "topo tudo". There is a lot of work here in Maria Rosa! The family of Marriam and Jossario is super cool. They are recent converts and have a son Arthur who is 9 and isn´t baptized so we set a date for him and will start teaching him this week! This week I learned the importance of gaining investigator´s trust. When they relate to you and tell you about themselves it really makes the relationship so much better, and the people are easier to love because you can understand where they are coming from. We need to love all of the people here so our teaching is affective and how God wants it to be. The same thing with forgiving someone, if you can put yourself in their shoes it is easy to love. Arthur needed a TV for his school for a culture fair, but Marriam didn´t have time because she works and so we made the TV and it was "shique" and we grew closer to the family. Service is great!
This week we followed up on a reference we received from the ward for a member´s neighbors. They are a couple who are super super friendly and nice. They asked great questions and appreciated the Books of Mormon we gave them. And very special, they gave us flowers! They are very pretty. Tomorrow we have another divison! This time I will stay in Maria Rosa and Sister Caravanus an Aregtinian and our other Sister Training leader will come here. She is super nice I´m excited, but also very nervous because I will be guiding her around the area to our appointments etc. The Portuguese is still coming which is good, everyone tells me I speak well, but I´m not too sure about that haha. A new fancy bakery opened up by our apartment and this week some members are unable to have us over for lunch, so they gave us money instead and so now we can try it out! Yesterday and tooday my compainion and I are a little sick so we made drinks with lemon and ginger and water to boost that immune system (no honey because we are cheap) and I hope it works because it is not the most pleasant taste in the world haha! All is well and I´m excited to continue to teach! 
Abraços e beijos,
Sister Haggard