Thursday, September 3, 2015

September 1, 2015 First Baptism!

Weekly update,
This week went by very fast. Last Monday we made a cake for Sister Mejia and said goodbye!This week had two days tha were cold and rainy, but yesterday and today were hot! We also recieved our new roommates, there are now 4 Sisters in the apartment- Sister Garcia who is a newbie and Sister Tesser, both are from Brazil. We divided our area, which is hard because the area wasn´t big to begin with because there are many apartment complexes in the area of Maria Rosa. Apartments are hard because you make a contact and then you have to inter phone up through the security at the portaria, so it´s difficult to enter and teach sometimes. But we helped the new Sisters a lot this week,. We gave them some great investigators and contacts and we had a miny division Wendesday, I showed Sister Tesser the area and Sister D. Sousa show Sister Garcia around. 
We are teaching Cristiani and Igor as well as Mateus and we are hoping and praying for their baptisms this month, we will see!
This week was also very special because I had my first baptism, Maria! 87 years old! Never too old to change! We showed her the font again and assured her the water was "Bem quente". After she was baptized Sister Tesser and I gave a little talk about the Atonement and Baptism. After Maria redressed, Sister Tesser, Garcia, and D. Sousa sang the Children´s hymn "When I am baptized" and I sang the last verse and chorus solo in English seque. Cristiani and Igor came and watched the baptism. We will teach Cristiani today about the importance authority has in Baptism. The Church of Jesus Christ is the only Church that has this authority, so when we are baptized in His Church, our sins are truly wiped clean and we can recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost! 
Today was also P day at the Temple, which was really nice. 

It was Sister Mejia's last day of her mission, so we made her a cake and said tchau!

Maria's baptism!  She's 87 years old!

New Sisters

First P Day at the Temple