Sunday, August 16, 2015

July 27, 2015

Weekly Update,
This morning I made oatmeal with apples and cinamon, it was pretty good. This week was pretty good! I had my first division, which is when my companion and I switch companions for sister training leader. It was really fun. I went to the area Florinoplois which is very chique and nice. My companheira was Sisiter Meijia who is from Peru, 27 years old, studying to be a doctor, and only has a month left of her mission. She was super spunky and very very nice. We taught a bunch of lessons and it was very fun. I learned a lot. This week we got to know more members. The ward here is just so awesome. We went over to a recent converts house and I got to talk about Personal Progress which was really nice. Yesterday for lunch we ate at Dani´s house with her family. They were very funny. I also saw a picture of Dani on her mission with Irmã Correa! Correa was her trainadora! People here  will live together for many many years but aren´t married. You have to ask when and where they wre married to find out if they are actually married because people here say they´re married and wear a ring if they´ve lived together for a long time. We started to teach a women and her mom who are super awesome and I´m excited to continue to teach them. My Portuguese is pretty rough but I can communicate! I know a lot of words, but the grammar is tricky. Last Sunday Nilton was confirmd and his son wants to be baptized! I´m not sure how it will go but I´m excited. The food here is still awesome :)