Friday, July 10, 2015

July 8, 2015

Weekly Update:
This week was pretty good! On the fourth of July my companions and I swaped clothes so we could all wear red, white, and blue together! The cafeteria was all decorated for the Fourth of July because the mission president is American and so many Americans come here. We had hamburgers hotdogs and french fries and a ton of ice cream. Everything tasted different but it was awesome - very fun. Only 6 more days here in the CTM before I head out to the field!!! My companions and I are so excited. I am undertanding more Portuguese and able to speak it better which is nice. Today we went to the Campinas temple which was beautiful as always. Soon I will upload some pictures! The Jafeks return to their home tomorrow from their mission.They are the Senior missionaries called here to be the medical advisers of the CTM. Brother Jafek is a doctor and sister Jafek is a nurse. Before the CTM they served in the Philippines on a medical mission there for the Church as well. They are so cute and awesome. I love their conversion story too. Sister Jafek said they invited the sister missionaries over to their house to come teach and one of the sisters was from Scandanavia and spoke very poor English. However, because the sister brought the Spirit so strong into their home, the Spirit testified to them that the things the missionaries taught were true and they were baptized and became members. Right now my Portuguese is poor, but I know the things I´m teaching are true and because they are true God will let the people know it´s true through the Spirit and they will feel it in their hearts and act on those feelings! I´m so happy to be here in Brazil and can´t wait for next week!
-Sister Haggard