Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July 1, 2015

Weekly update,
Sooo we went proseliting last Friday! It was a really awesome experience! We went as our district- 3 Elders and 3 Sisters- and each of us got 4 Book of Mormon´s (Livro de Mormón) to pass out. We took the public bus to the main bus/ subway station and passed them out in the front of the entrance to the station. On the ride there a woman sat next to me who was very friendly and I talked with her about the Book of Mormon and how it was another testament of Jesus Christ and a history of prophets and Jesus Christ preaching in the Americas! We had a good conversation and she took the Book and so I passed out the first one and a women behind us was listening to our conversation and asked Elder Gibby for a  Book of Mormon too! It was pretty cool and I felt really good, being able to share such a wonderful thing with others. The people of Brazil are very friendly and they like Americans so they would generally stop and talk to us if we started talking to them which was pretty nice. The language was tricky, but I understood what people were saying and our teacher who came with us, Irmã Scaduto, said she heard me talking on the bus and it was all good :) Only about 13 days left at the CTM before i truck it out to The Field!!! I´m super excited to meet my mission President and start teaching real people, but I´m also appreciative for the next couple weeks to keep learning Portuguese haha so it´s a balance of can´t wait to go and oh wow I have a lot to learn before I do! Learning a language is super neat becasue it´s extremly frustrating , but it feels pretty awesome when you finally say some things right! A couple of our good Hispanic friends left yesterday for the field, Elder Borquez and Sister Reyes, so my companions and I will miss them  while we are waiting to leave the CTM because they are some aweome missionaries! The other day in Excersise time our district and a Mexican district played an intense game of volleyball and it was very fun. Today we were able to go to the beautiful Campinas temple in the morning. It went pretty long and it´s an hour and a half drive there so we won´t have time to walk around today just nap for a while which my companions are pretty excited about haha. It is pretty great weather a little cool and then it has rained the last two Preparation days, but I like the rain so it´s all good. I´m starting to read my scriptures in Portuguese and it is tricky and slow but good too! Hope everyone is doing well :)