Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 3, 2015 At the MTC/CTM!

I am here at the mission training center in Brazil! hahaha the plane in Fargo had a problem with the left engine so we sat on the runway for an extra hour and a half so I missed my second flight but it was easy to get the new flights. It seems like a couple hours ago I said good bye to all of you. Im in a trio here with two girls from Utah but I think there will be two more Brazilian girls in our dorm I hope so we will see! There is a count down clock showing how much time you have left on the computer. So on the flight to mineapolis, I sat next to an older gentleman and we talked and he had researched the Church lots because he thought the history of the church is very interesting, although he assured me a couple times that he liked being Protestant haha. But I was a little nervous because of the delayed plane  and talking with him about the Church was such a blessing because afterwards I felt so much calmer. Also, the guy who printed me off a new flight schedule had a daughter that served in Brazil on a mission too small world! The weather here is low 60s but with a little humidity it feels very nice. It is the winter here, so it will probably get very hot in the summer. São Paulo is on a plateu so the elevation makes São Paulo cooler than Rio even though Rio is pretty close. The buildings here are concrete looking and very close together. When we were driving to the MTC It was busy on the roads and motorcycles were zooming in between the lanes. The cars here are generally smaller as well. I´m so excited to get speakin some Portuguese!!!!!