Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 10, 2015

Weekly Update!
Wow a lot has happened this week! My first full week here at the CTM (Missionary training center) has been a full one. I really like the food here! The lunch meal is a little bigger and there is always rice and a beans and meat mix called fezolada- this is spelled wrong- at every meal and its good. My companions don´t like the food as much haha. I really like how theres a lot less sugar in the food and it fills me up so much more than American food i dunno why. My companions, sister Nielson and sister Covey are both from Utah and we make up our own district because your district is assigned by language level and we all started out here. This is great too because we are taught by our teachers here as a district so the classroom size is very small and can help specifically to our language needs. Today new Americans arrived but for the large majority they are all brazillian or south American here which is great for learning the language. I really like the Brazillians they are so so friendly and nice. There are about 150 missionaries here at the CTM. It is very challenging here for sure! Learning a language is super hard! Portuguese is very hard to understand and pronounce I think, but it is coming along and I try speaking in Portuguese to the Brazilians every meal and ask tons and tons of questions! My companions and i really like excersise time because we get to go outside and we play volleyball with everybody who has the same work out time as us which is super fun. Here at the CTM we are able to take a bus to a different part of São Paulo and go to the temple in the morning which is really great. São Paulo is Huge Huge Huge and people drive crazy here.This week i had an Ah Ha moment. Here at the CTM on your first full day, that night you teach a 30 minute lesson all in Portuguese to an instructor playing the role of a Church investigator who does not break character and only speaks Portuguese. On top of this you do not recieve your first grammar lesson until the third day here and you have to teach a 30 minute lesson for five days straight except we don´t teach on Sunday! Everyone here will answer your questions Que se escreve... Que significa... and you get all your books that you will need but no lessons until later, just a teacher helping you study your Preach My Gospel and how to introduce yourself and answering any questions. At first I was so frustrated and I thought there was something wrong with the curriculumn of the CTM but then I asked another elder who had been to the Provo MTC and he said they taught in a similar way. So I thought about it and now I really appreciate it because this taught me two lessons. The first was that we need to ask questions and seek after the language learning and really go out of our comfort zone instead of waiting for the language to come to us. The most important reason though is that sometimes in life we tend to want to prioritize our lives after the Gospel, but this is not what is best for us. We must ALWAYS put the Gospel and God before everything in our lives even in things you would think would not matter, such as language learning. If we do this we will be so blessed and so much better off than trying to do what we think is right instead of the Lord.
I love and miss everyone so much and I am loving Brazil so far!!
-Sister Haggard

P.S. Also my companions and I can leave the CTM and walk around the area and buy things after our email time so Im super excited!!!!